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Escape Room - GearVR

Download: DOWNLOAD
Date: Feb 25th, 2019
Platform: Unity / Samsung GearVR

Escape the tomb by solving several minigames/puzzles in this VR escaperoom for the GearVR. An experimental project with the Samsung GearVR. 3D VR game where the goal is to escape the tomb you start in. In this game you will have to use different capabilities of the GearVR. You will also have to collect certain items and use them those to progress in the game. The game does not feature a story as it was meant as a research project/experiment in VR game development.

Game features I worked on

Baked lighting

Since the game had to run on mobile devices, performance is important. This is why all lighting is baked in combination with realtime lighting.

Pick up and inspect items.

The games inventory system allows you to inspect items you come across closely. The rest of the game is blurred out to allow you to focus better.