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Escape Room - GearVR

Escape the tomb by solving several minigames/puzzles in this VR escaperoom for the GearVR.

An experimental project with the Samsung GearVR. 3D VR game where the goal is to escape the tomb you start in.
In this game you will have to use different capabilities of the GearVR. 
You will also have to collect certain items and use them those to progress in the game. 
The game does not feature a story as it was meant as a research/experiment in VR game development.

 - Daan Ruiter: programming, 3D modeling, texturing & design.

 - Freely move around the game using innovative controls.
 - Inventory system
 - High resolution baked lighting

Code references
Under NDA.
Engine: Unity 5 / C# / GearVR
Client: YiPP - Experiment
Posted on: 2016-05-10