Game Programmer

Final Frontier

Generate entire planets with plants and different terrain.

Use XML to create new tiles and plants with unique properties without having to change the source code.
The result will always be identical when using the same seed. The game uses a custom code loop to allow the game to be easily modded.

 - Daan Ruiter

 - XML based property system that can easily be modded and saved
 - Uncompressed graphics. This way they can be easily modded and new art can easily be added
 - Multiple octave perlin noise based terrain generation system. This will generate natural and procedural terrain
 - Terrain chunks to split up terrain textures and draw operations
 - Versitile Entity system that works with plants, items and actors/NPCs
 - Terrain tile texture gradients. Textures slowly merge together using gradients for a more natural look

Code references
- Terrain Operations   
The class that draws and caches the textures for the terrain.
- World Generation Info    
Contains and generates information and properties about the planet using the given seed.
- Terrain Generation Info   
Contains and generates terrain and plants using the given seed.
- The Terrain Manager   
Builds and updates all the terrain objects.
Engine: Unity 5 / C#
Client: School Project
Posted on: 2015-10-15