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3D Terrain

A Simple and fast 3D terrain generator that builds its mesh using a simple heightmap of floats.
The terrain's color is determained by its height relative to the highest and lowest point.

 - Daan Ruiter

 - Perlin Based terrain generator using multiple octaves.
 - Split up terrain into multiple chunks, so that only parts of the terrain needs to be updated.
 - Simple to use brush tool to raise/lower the terrain.
 - Height is represented by color, low being blue(water), medium being green(grass) and higher points being covered in white snow.
 - Chunk update visualization, See wich chunks are being updated with a siple togglable check-box.

Code references
- TerrainChunkObject  
The base class containing data for each chunk
- TerrainChunksWrapper   
The class that allows operations to be used as if all the chunks are a combined single object
Engine: Unity 5 / C#
Client: School Project
Posted on: 2015-11-27