Game Programmer


Battle your way through endless waves of mutated monsters while you upgrade your tank and your abilities.
With 3 different enemy types, 3 different weapon types, 3 different skills, 3 different weapon attachments its bound to be one hell of a ride.

 = Programmers
 - Menno Jongejan
 - Daan Ruiter
 = Artists
 - Frederique Gesbert
 - Vladislav Karagodin
 - Peres de Graaf
 - Frank Wester

Features - Features with an Asterisk(*) are prorammed by me
 - Different types weapons with random stats
 -* Procedural generated level
 -* Different enemy types with unique behaviour
 - Unlock and upgrade abilities by leveling up
 - Unlock weapon attachments such as the grenade launcher, laser sight & bullet fire trails
 -* Central generic texture database to easily swap tetures/sprites both during and before gameplay.
Engine: Unity 2D / C#
Client: School Project
Posted on: 2015-01-24

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