Daan Ruiter
November 30 1996 (25)
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Current Residence:
Dutch, English
Project Experience:
Games have always been an integral part of my life. I have memories of watching my dad play Quake 2 on his PC. I would have my turns playing as well and I was quickly hooked. I started with playing shooters like Quake, Soldier of Fortune and Counter-Strike. As I got older I wanted something more challenging. This was when I started getting into strategy games. I loved the many ways you could take the games on and really enjoyed the historic aspect of many of these games as well. Once I turned 12 I got my own PC and this is when I started to enjoy all the different genres of games that were emerging at the time.

As soon as I was done with Highschool I was quite lost as to what I wanted to study. I hadn't really enjoyed my time at school so far so I wasn't very eager to do something I wouldn't enjoy again. This is why I started to study game-development since I couldn't see myself not enjoying making games, and I was right. Not only did I enjoy doing it greatly and would spend countless hours at home letting my creativity let loose, I was quite good at it and saw myself excel with programming especially.

In game development I enjoy engineering emergent game systems that reward experimenting with the game mechanics and creating your own fun in the environment. Teamwork is important and is in my experience best achieved through clear and constant communication with your fellow team members. This minimizes mistakes and miscommunications which are a common source of bugs and delays. I can also work well on my own and have been able to get a solid grasp on most aspects of game development.

I hope this gives a sincere image about who I am and if you wish to contact me you can do so with any of the means below.
2017-2019 University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (HBO | ICT / Game-development)
2013-2017 Mediacollege Amsterdam (MBO Niveau 4 | Game-development)
2011-2013 Haemstede Barger (VMBO-t)
2009-2011 Eerste Christelijke Lyceum (Atheneum-HAVO)

Work experience
10/2019-current GamePoint (Game Developer)
6/2018-10/2019 Blue Billywig (Developer)
8/2016-2/2017 Little Chicken Game Company (Unity Developer | Intern)
2/2016-6/2016 Yipp (Unity Developer | Intern)
2015-2016 Etos (Merchandiser)
2014-2015 Albert Heijn (Merchandiser)

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