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CMD+ is an updated and extended version of my earlier Unity plug-in simply called CMD. CMD+ adds new functionalities while keeping the implementation very simple and minimal.

Please note that this asset is only meant for PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS. Features: - Execute code by typing in commands in the console. - Supply parameters with your commands that are automatically casted to the desired type. - Create buttons to quickly execute code snippets to test out your game's functionality. - Get & set settings stored in XML files to change your debugging behaviour even in a standalone build. - View all messages, warnings & errors pushed to Unity's console in the CMD+ console. This is especially useful when debugging a build. - View the stacktrace of all console entries to backtrack your code behaviour. - Quickly open the code files from where the log messages are called from. - Create custom GUI windows to display your own debugging behaviour. - Use a few simple tweens to animate your debugging GUI. - automatically includes your settings with your builds All source code is included in the asset. Examples on how to implement your own commands are also included
Platform: Unity
Posted on: 2017-02-08

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